In 2018, a New York City bridge project was awarded to Crosby end user Granite Construction.

Granite Construction’s extensive scope of work on the project and strong focus on health and safety lead them to partner with Crosby and several Crosby distributor partners to source their rigging gear. The preference for Crosby products combined with on-site safe rigging clinics enabled a high level of safety awareness on the job site.

Crosby’s Rig Safe, Rig Smart on-site training truck

Granite’s work includes construction of a new cable stayed bridge, approach spans and connectors in Brooklyn and Queens, retaining walls, concrete paving, and associated earthwork. This extensive range of work to be done required a wide variety of rigging equipment to be utilized.

Crosby distributors have provided products ranging from wire rope clips to snatch blocks, 2-3/4’’ x 24’’ turnbuckles, and shackles with capacities large and small.

Crosby’s support with classroom training, on-site safe rigging clinics with the Rig Safe Rig Smart Truck, combined with the expertise and cooperation for rigging solutions on the bridge project has led to high confidence of a safer job site during daily rigging activities.