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Shackles 101

Understanding the different types of shackles – the industry workhorse – with Danny Bishop

A shackle is a U-shaped steel connector with holes drilled into the ends for receiving a removable pin or bolt. Shackles are commonly used to connect the slings or load to a winch or crane block, for example. It is one of the most powerful, important, irreplaceable pieces of material handling equipment there is. The shackle “bow” is a word that refers to the U-shaped body of the shackle.

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Q&A: Hooks with latches, with Roger Ohman III

Roger Ohman III is the director of engineered solutions at Crosby.

Does OSHA require the use of latches on hooks?

It depends. There is no specific language that states you must always use a latch. OSHA 1910.181(j)(2)(ii) Derricks states, “Safety latch type hooks shall be used wherever possible.” 1910.184(c)(6) states, “Slings shall be securely attached to their loads.”

Using a latch would be one way of securely attaching a sling to its load. Other methods may be to use a shackle, or to “mouse” the hook using wire, but a latch is likely much more convenient.

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