Due to the fact it is the beginning of February as I sit down to write this article, it occurred to me that it would be a good time to share some Crosby recommendations when using rigging hardware in cold weather environments. Although most Crosby rigging hardware is valid for general service conditions down to -40 F or -40 C, the recommendations for cold weather applications as outlined below are still critical to follow.

For this article we will limit the temperature range from 0 F (-18 C) down to -40 F (-40 C) and concentrate on the rigging hardware and not blocks or slings at this time.

5 recommendations

Here are the Crosby rigging hardware recommendations for cold weather temperatures between 0 F (-18 C) to -40 F (-40 C):

  1. All lifting should be performed at a slow, steady rate. Shock loading should be avoided.
  2. If the equipment contains bearings, lubrication may be retarded, therefore an increased maintenance schedule may be necessary.
  3. If determined to be necessary by the user, lifting equipment should undergo periodic inspection by dye penetrant or magnetic particle inspection surface inspection.
  4. Fittings with surface defects such as nicks, gouges, or cracks should not be used. (Consult manufacturer for more details if required.)
  5. Fittings that have been welded or modified after leaving the factory should not be used for cold temperature applications.

The Crosby Group does not recommend the use of standard catalog fittings below -40 F (-40 C). For operation at temperatures below -40 F (-40 C) consider using one of our Cold Tuff products or consult Crosby Technical Support at 1-800-220-8509 or techsupport@thecrosbygroup.com.

In closing, when rigging loads in cold weather applications, do the following to help ensure safety on your site:

  • Make sure your rigging hardware comes from a reputable manufacturer.
  • Make sure you have properly inspected the rigging gear before use.
  • Make sure your workers are properly trained and aware of what the manufacturer recommends when using rigging hardware in cold weather environments.  

Last, but not least, our appreciation and respect goes out to all the riggers who get the job done in brutally harsh environments!

Rig Safe,

Danny’s Rigging Den is a blog series written by Danny Bishop, Crosby’s corporate director of value added training.