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5 cold weather rigging hardware recommendations

Due to the fact it is the beginning of February as I sit down to write this article, it occurred to me that it would be a good time to share some Crosby recommendations when using rigging hardware in cold weather environments. Although most Crosby rigging hardware is valid for general service conditions down to -40 F or -40 C, the recommendations for cold weather applications as outlined below are still critical to follow.

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Pre-load handling activity considerations

Having championed the role of the rigger and emphasizing the value of professionals who attach equipment that lifts, moves, or secures complex, critical, and heavy objects in one of my last posts, it’s timely to drill down into the sector a little deeper to examine some of the things that should be considered while gathering the facts needed to construct a solid plan before commencing the load handling activity (LHA). Plan ahead and think it through because lives and loads are at stake.

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