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Shackles 101

Understanding the different types of shackles – the industry workhorse – with Danny Bishop

A shackle is a U-shaped steel connector with holes drilled into the ends for receiving a removable pin or bolt. Shackles are commonly used to connect the slings or load to a winch or crane block, for example. It is one of the most powerful, important, irreplaceable pieces of material handling equipment there is. The shackle “bow” is a word that refers to the U-shaped body of the shackle.

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Importance of initial inspections

As we continue to pioneer the advancement of industry best practices below-the-hook, Danny Bishop reiterates the importance of pre-use inspection.

Most riggers are aware of the need to inspect their slings and rigging hardware every day, before and during their use, which is sometimes called the in-service or frequent inspection. And riggers are normally aware of the need for a thorough inspection, which is sometimes called the periodic inspection, that is required by many standards a minimum of once per year.

However, there is a critical inspection that is often overlooked or ignored by many companies in the various material handling industries, called the initial inspection.

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