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Sling angle best practices

Because most of the time the rigger in the field only has one connection point to collect their slings, it is important that they understand best practices for rigging triangles and angles formed.

The rigging triangle is formed any time two or more slings are connected to a load and the other end of the slings are collected in a common point such as a hook, shackle, or ring. Whether the slings are chain, wire rope, or synthetic rope, sling angle best practices are the same.

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How to correctly use sorting hooks

Sorting hooks are not your typical everyday hook for most companies, but for those companies and individuals who use them, and whether you call them lay out hooks, pelican hooks, shake out hooks, or sorting hooks, a little refresher on correct application may be in order.

The sorting hook was manufactured for the intended use for sorting and laying out plate, pipe, cylindrical shapes, and other items that allow engagement to the full depth of the hook throat in multiple sling leg applications.

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