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What is tilt-up construction?

Tilt-up is a method of construction whereby large concrete panels are cast on-site and then raised into position with a crane. The building system, which was conceptualized in the early 1900s, is used throughout North America and across the globe. It is employed on virtually every building type, from distribution centers, to schools, churches, libraries, retail centers, and office buildings.

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Warranty inquiry leads to Crosby rigging overhaul

The Crosby Group has completed training and overhauled rigging best practices at an end user’s facility where problems where encountered due to shock loading of a Crosby IP vertical lifting clamp.

Strategic distribution partner, B.C. Wire Rope & Rigging, which delivers heavy lifting services throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada, contacted Crosby when a customer had broken a cam segment in a plate clamp. The rigging component, suited to vertical lifting, turning, and transfer, was being used with a forklift truck to lift domes during a manufacturing process related to tank heads and accessories.

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